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    Issues query

    I soft modded my wii successfully using mauifrogs guide which allowed me to get LEGO PIRATES working....


    When i try to run guitar hero 6 using loader GX it doesnt work, I tried to change the load iso but it shows as use global or something and doesnt load, NOW guitar hero Greatest Hits works fine along with Van Halen edition (both say use global in settings). Also Karaoke glee does not work with loader GX when it used to before BOTH cuase wii to freeze prompting a manual restart.

    Guitar hero 6 (iso 249) Doesnt Work
    Guitar hero Greatest Hits (iso 249) Doesnt Work
    Kareoke Glee (iso 249) - Doesnt work

    Both loaders used to work and all games also ran so please can anyone help me get them to work cos my daughter is starting panic

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    When i saw the use global i didnt realise that it was a big issue


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