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Thread: Wiikey Fusion (Wii Modchip) For Sale UK with free Flatmii Fusion

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    Thumbs up Wiikey Fusion (Wii Modchip) For Sale UK with free Flatmii Fusion

    UK Seller
    Wiikey Fusion with Flatmii Fusion (free)
    Wiikey Fusion: Official mod chip with serial no, hologram sticker, double sided sticker, 2 ribbon cables & SD Card Reader
    Flatmii Fusion (free): official modchip, 2 ribbon cables (spares?) & micro sd reader with blue screen.
    Both like new, chips placed in anti static wrapping.
    Cost £10 + delivery or nearest offer.

    WBFS format can be used, compresses game from i.e 4.7gb down 300mb (wii sports) with no loss of quality. Compression depends on the actual game, SD cards are now very cheap.
    WBFS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    I can provide proof that the Wiikey Fusion is official/legite which will include invoice. Bought from
    The flatmii is also legite but have no proof, but this is free anway!
    Comes with a cool blue screen with 3 buttons.

    Flatmii Fusion has been tried once but preferred Wiikey Fusion.
    Installed Wiikey Fusion on a Wii console I only bought because it was on offer, so thought why not? Got bored very quickly & wasn't getting used much so sold it on ebay after 6 months of owning it & bought X360 with kinect instead. Much better although Kinect sucks so also selling that infact, most likely on ebay.
    Obviously had to take out the chip as couldn’t sell on ebay. Been sitting in my draw since & just came across it hence sale.

    The Official Website:
    Wiikey Fusion
    As the chip serial no. has to be entered you cannot create another account with same serial no. I will simply change the e-mail address to the one you want & change the password which you can then change yourself afterwards. Instructions & Updates can be downloaded from here.

    Wiikey are obviously a well known trusted company, your in safe hands.

    Here's your chance to get one for cheap.
    Anyone interested pm me your e-mail address & will e-mail you pictures. Thank you

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    wiikey fusion

    Is it still for sale?

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    wiikey fusion-free flatmii fusion

    hi there, is the modchip still for sale?
    im in the u.k.

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    wii mod chip

    is that free mod chip up for grabs still i been looking for that type for awhile thanks


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