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Thread: Wii 4.3u and reinstalling netflix

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    Wii 4.3u and reinstalling netflix

    Hey guys,

    SO I moved into a new apt... my roommate helped mod my wii so I can play games off of the harddrive. Homebrew channel and all that jazz.

    I have Netflix (on the homescreen, not thru homebrew) but it is still linked to my old roommate's account. My new roommate has an account, and we'd like to use hers.

    How do I go about switching to the new account? I believe I have to delete Netflix and reinstall it through the shop channel? Is that right?

    Please help! I'm such a n000000000b

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    Have your old roommate sign on to Netflix from his/her computer and deactivate your Wii from the account. After that the Wii will detect the account change and will generate a new activation code.

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    Damn cjizzle! You are absolutely correct! Thanks

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