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Thread: Wii NAND dump question

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    Wii NAND dump question

    When I dump the Wii system NAND to the ext HDD, or SD card or whatever I choose, what happens if for whatever reason that external memory is not available? Is the Wii rendered useless, or is the Wii internal system memory still usable at that point? Or would it need to be redumped to the Wii?


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    um, What? Nand backup via bootmii goes to SD only. It's just an image of your nand at the time it was created. I'm totally unclear as to what you're asking.

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    I guess I am wondering if this is a replacement for the Wii system NAND.

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    no not a replacement but a backup! Like a restore point but only if you have bootmii as boot2 can it be used as restore point. It is still advisable to take a backup even if bootmii is installed as a ios because if you were to ever fully brick a nand programmer would use them to restore your wii to a working state.

    If you are un sure about things have a look at Blus Faqs thread here


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