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Thread: AnyTitle Identifier???

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    AnyTitle Identifier???

    Can anyone send me the link to get AnyTitle Lister? I cant find the app anywhere!! Many thanks...
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    I found it in 2 secs with a search ---> Google
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    ok so anytitle deleter and anytitle identifier are the same program? I really dont want to accidentally erase any of my files

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    If you tell us exactly what you're trying to do that might help

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    The Problem...

    My problem was that I couldnt find some missing content of some of my WiiWare and Virtual Console games, or so I thought... Apparently the contents that were missing were Wii Channels that I had moved without realizing it. I found a link that identifies the coded files in the private folder. Title database - WiiBrew. I'm a newbie forgive me. But, as always, thank you for responding!!


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