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Thread: Wiizard and Gamecube audio fix

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    Question Wiizard and Gamecube audio fix

    Although this modchip is somewhat old now, I'm wondering if any users can comment on how it works with Gamecube games which use streaming audio? Presently I have a Wiikey 2 in my D2C2 Wii and the Wiikey 2 simply will not work with games like Ikaruga, Eternal Darkness, Wave Race: Blue Storm, Super Monkeyball, etc.... I've just ordered a Wiizard+Wii-Clip from Canadamods in the hope this it will solve the streaming audio issue.

    Can anyone with a Wiizard tell me if the GC audio fix works on this chip?


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    Just to update, unlike the Wiikey 2, the Wiizard's Gamecube audio fix does indeed work perfectly. Problem solved.

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    Op solves problem..thread is closed..


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