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Thread: Reformatting Wii HDD from WBFS

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    Reformatting Wii HDD from WBFS

    Hi all. I am getting back into the Wii mod scene and am in the process of updating to the current methods. I have a 500 GB external HDD that has > 50 Wii disc-based games on it in WBFS format. I want to make use of "Mighty Channels" and as I understand it I need the HDD in either FAT32 or NTFS (correct me if I am wrong) if I want to use Mighty Channels with this ext HDD. Would it be possible to transfer the files from my external Wii HDD to my computer (Win 7 64-bit) temporarily while I format it one of these ... formats? Also, should I choose FAT32 or NTFS? And one more question: when I dump the Wii system NAND to the ext HDD, or SD card or whatever I choose, what happens if for whatever reason that external memory is not available? Is the Wii rendered useless, or is the Wii internal system memory still usable at that point? Or would it need to be redumped to the Wii?


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    You'll need a game manager like "Wii backup manager" to transfer your games
    from your HDD to your PC.(Google is your friend) You can also use Wii backup
    manager to format the drive, or format it with windows. Fat32 is the preffered format. Guide HERE.
    You need to have sufficient space on your SD card/HDD to accomodate the nand backup.
    The nand backup is roughly 500mb.

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    u need a FAT32 formatted 1GB (at least) SD card for nand backup purpose.


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