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Thread: MOD Mii questions / wii softmod

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    MOD Mii questions / wii softmod

    Hello I need some help please. I know someone will come on here and tell me to go read first, but I already have and so far have not found what I need. I got the HOMEBREW channel installed on my wii, but cant go any further because I cant find a complete MMM file. I found this awesome site thru a friend and I saw the MOD Mii install on the home page. page2 and so question is Can I install the mood mii on my wii and will it replace everything I need whit out messing anything up?? Thanks so much!! If anybody has a better idea please let me know.

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    Make a intro post in the introductions area and you will get a link to the mod any wii guide.
    Modmii has never been that attractive to me....

    Edit - I see you have made a intro post already --->
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    If you need assistance or direction with regard to ModMii, PM me (only for ModMii). I could point you in the right direction; otherwise, follow the guide that Narse suggested.

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    Thanks guys, Ok so if I use the guide is it going to affect anything on the wii? I installed the homebrew channel following a guide from the homebrew pirate on youtube,but just could not find a good MMM file.


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