With PS Vita’s staggered launch beginning this December, Sony has a great opportunity to entice PlayStation 3 owners to the new platform by effectively marketing it as a portable PS3. One of the ways they can drive this message home is by highlighting those titles which appear on both systems with some form of cross-platform support.
Sony would also do well to show consumers how they can save money if they wish to own both PS3 and PS Vita versions of a game. While paying only once for two variants of a PSN release still seems far-off, the notion of shared DLC between both platforms is in the here and now thanks to games like Street Fighter X Tekken.
Producer Yoshinori Ono has stated that the title will have both paid and free DLC content, which developer Capcom plans to make interchangeable between PS3 and PS Vita provided you use the same PSN account on both.

Initiatives like this go a long way towards making DLC a more attractive purchase, and hopefully this is just the beginning of the savings to be enjoyed by gamers who intend to invest their time and money in other cross-platform titles like Ruin and Hustle Kings when PS Vita finally becomes available worldwide.