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Thread: Solder point ripped from Wii:(

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    Exclamation Solder point ripped from Wii:(

    While installing the Wiikey v2 (6 wire installation).

    I ripped solder point 'G' off the wii, after a lot of playing around, i haven't been able to find any more copper to repair the trace or find where the trace goes so i can replace it with a wire.
    Im hoping someone could help find where it ends up.

    Otherwise its a replacement DVD drive:/

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Don't worry, it is not something serious.
    It is something that happens to many of us.
    You can scratch the green surface lightly over the trace in order for some metal to come to surface and then you can solder it.
    And the other solution is to solder right on the drive chip, it's the second leg of the chip from the right.

    Hope this helps.

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    i appreciate the answer, unfortunately, the problem is not that end of the trace, I've already soldered the wiikey 'G' wire directly to the ic pin, however the problem is where the trace goes down into a sub-level of the multi-layer pcb (at least thats what i assume is happening) basically whatever that leg of the pcb was connected to is no longer connected. The easiest and only way i know of finding where it comes out is with a multimeter and testing for continuity. I however am unable to do this without some of the original copper:/

    Again, any ideas or suggestions would be welcome.

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    I had this same issue with mine.

    Several attempts to attach it to the pin resulted in the pin lifting up off the board itself! A small amount of solder directly to the board, along with the pin and then the wire did the trick. It did take a few more tries.

    That pin is not the easiest to attach once and if it lifts, but it is doable.

    I feel your pain and good luck to you!

    After re-reading your posts you claim there is no copper under the pin?

    If this is the case then I think you might be in trouble. If there was copper visible somewhere else other than point g or pin 2 then there would be a lot easier place to solder.

    Might be time to look into another drive or pcb.

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    I lifted my g pin, god that was so hard to solder, i tried soldering to the ic leg numerous times, but even when the wii worked again, it would only read the disc for about 30 sec, after that it would come up with read error, then flash blue red endlessly, Then tried to use different wire and pulled the c pad with trace to the ic leg, attempted to wire the ic leg to the resistor but ended up pulling that up too, board now doesnt eject or accept discs So i bought a d2a board from ebay today!

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    another new one. I do the soldering of the G point ok. But getting in the wires in order , in rriped off. The trace to the leg is visble and can do the job, but I didnt found the pint to solder under the g point.

    Is there an alternative way to jump from the leg to any pint at the other side of the IC board?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    i will. i let you now the results.


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    Just out of curiousity what type of soldering irons are you guys using?? How many watts???

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    15~20watts, sharp tip iron is good enough for G.
    need to pre-tin the wire and the tip before u do soldering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billyhome View Post
    15~20watts, sharp tip iron is good enough for G.
    need to pre-tin the wire and the tip before u do soldering.
    I did the job, pretinning and all. Magnifying glass was the key though from not over exposing the wire by stipping off too much insulation. World look much different at 2x or 3x. Easier too.

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