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Thread: DashHacks has been sold

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    DashHacks has been sold

    For those of you that do not know what DashHacks is, it a web site dedicated to PSP and PS3 hacking, along with xbox and xbox 360 hacking. Now, if you didn't know, a few months ago, the same owners that own bought PSX-scene, a big Sony consoles hacking website, a number of PS3 homebrew developers left that website when the new owners took over. Now, fast forward to today, the same owners of have bought DashHacks. You gotta wonder, what is the motives to purchase 2 PS3 hacking websites in such a short period of time?

    Well it seems one of my favourite sites, Dashhacks has been sold to the same media whores that own PSX-Scene, its a very sad day
    Source: Dashhacks Sold - PS3Hax Network - Playstation 3 Hacks and Mods
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    That's sucks but let's hope they have a good reason for this


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