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Thread: Question about future game compatibility

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    Question about future game compatibility

    Hey All,

    So I soft modded my Wii about a year ago and right now its running 4.1u. I am worried about it being able to run Skyward Sword and other motion plus games. I haven't tried any motion plus games but the reason I am worried is that when I was installing certain IOS's a while back I somehow managed to make it so I can't play Metroid Prime 3. When I load the game I can't aim and it crashes after about 30 seconds. SO now that I've explained my Wii's situation here are my questions:

    If I try a motion plus game and it works fine should Skyward Sword work fine when it comes out?

    If motion plus doesn't work should I restore the NAND and update to 4.3 and remod?

    Is there a benefit to restoring and updating even if motion plus does work?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Just update to the latest cIOS and revision of your loader and you should be fine.
    Also, motion plus games will kick you back to the system menu, but all you have to do
    is follow the Wii Sports Resort guide we have and that should fix the problem.

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