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Thread: Whent to 4.3 when i was hacked at 4.2

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    Whent to 4.3 when i was hacked at 4.2

    OK here is what happend i had my wii hacked at 4.2 and now my wonderfull kids updated to 4.3 can i still hack my wii following the guide i read on here or is there something special i need to do ?

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    This guide should help:

    I've used it myself and it worked perfectly.

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    ^^^ Exactly what he said.

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    Under the "anything special" category: install Priiloader, as outlined in the guide you've been linked to --- do NOT treat it as optional. Enable the relevant hacks (you know, the ones that prevent um, "accidental" updates).

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    ok thanks so i just rehack it and i should have no problems then and yes i will install prilloader too


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