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Thread: Unofficial Black Classic Pro Controller (Wii)

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    Unofficial Black Classic Pro Controller (Wii)


    Had anyone used an unofficial classic controller before? I just purchased one and it works with some games, but not others. It's annoying.

    This is my first classic controller (though unofficial), so has anyone else have similar experience? Perhaps i might be just better off buying the original?

    Hope to hear from you guys and your experience.


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    this is a great review thanks for sharing LMAO

    please post in the correct section of the forum i have moved it to the newbie section
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    Thanks peire.

    It does feel annoying to receive the Wii Controller package and realised that it doesnt work properly.

    For instance, it works with Tatsunoko Capcom yet fails with the Call of Duty games (kept prompted to insert knuckle or wii classic although my NON official classic pro was inserted. Sigh

    I hope the original doesnt have this problem. Still i find it weird because many bought this off the Amazon, and yet there were no complains? I wonder if mine was the blacksheep unit shipped.

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    Do unofficial controllers have an issue with Wiiware / VC or it's just with retail store games ?

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    lol you should be specific as to what you mean by unofficial A linky or 2 might be nice. Is it unofficial as in 3rd party madkatz, nyko etc? Is it unofficial as in a chinese made eBay/dealextreme $2.99 knock off? Did you buy it from a sketchy guy in an alley?

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