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Thread: download the wii update can i get rid of it??

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    Ca download the wii update can i get rid of it??

    i download the 23 update from wii shop i think now when i try to dl 3.3 u update,ciso installer ,wii dumper ect it all download till the end and says it fail anything i can do??

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    Got daughter a Wii, updated without realising. Did the twighlight hack, everything working except dvdx wouldn't install. downgraded to 3.2e, still no install. the 3.4 dvdxpatch, said i think you may be a pirate and then exited!! After getting twilight hack running and homebrew channel on I couldn't install dvdx or run back ups. found '3in1SoftMod_REV3.rar' by googling torrents, ran the 8 ios as recommended and can now play my 'legal' back ups. maybe this will help someone else? - got to hand it to the tecky guys you are very Smart people!! Thanks for all the guides and help files to get this far.

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    nwe member how do i downgrade my wii from 3.4

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    when u dl the new toorent did u have to uninstall anything or did u just do the apps??

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    I put the ios in the wad folder and used WAD_Manager_v1.3 in the apps folder to run the ios 1-8. The torrent file was the easiest way for me to download the '3in1SoftMod_REV3.rar' but it is around on megauploads and other sites. It works on all versions and so far most new games work ok. Madboots, you can find a thread and help file to downgrade from 3.4 quite easily but only need to if you are using wiFI to stop an auto update from nintendo to 3.5...


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