The site FedWars had the chance to talk to a THQ developer who had a few comments to share about the Wii U. The anonymity of the interview harkens back somewhat to the Project Café era, but unlike the anonymous “leaks” we had back then, this employee doesn’t make any ridiculous claims – his comments seem quite reasonable, and don’t clash with anything we already know about the Wii U.
One of the things he made very clear was that the Wii U versions of Metro: Last Light and Darksiders 2 would be graphically superior to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 releases. He compared the Wii U version of a multiplatform release to a Blu-ray movie vs. a DVD. But he did warn that “this will only happen as long as a developer or publisher puts in the time and effort instead of doing a straight port.”
Most of the employee’s words had to do with the power of the Wii U console, and they shed some much-needed light on how far beyond the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 it lies. According to him, the Wii U would be capable of full 1080p in “most” of its games, which I’m sure many of you will find relieving.
Expect majority of third party Wii U games from most publishers to have true 1080p, additional content, and smoother framrates than what the PS3/360 versions offer. If you want the DEFINITIVE version of any game in your library, I would suggest either the PC version or the Wii U version…at least for now.
Let’s just hope that most developers really do sit down and take the time to make the Wii U version of a multiplatform game a “deluxe” experience instead of settling for a lazy, direct port.