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Thread: wii not functioning!!

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    Angry wii not functioning!!

    Good afternoon,

    First apologies if my post in the wrong section but I couldn’t find relevant place.

    I bought a wii Nintendo from UAE when I returned to the UK and bought wii games it gives me "please insert disk"

    I searched google for solution to know the problem with no success
    Is there a way to have a solution to make my wii working?
    I am not sure where the problem is, when I tried it in the UAE it was working perfect

    Can anyone help please!!

    Kind regards,

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    Sounds like a bad dvd drive

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    Hi Adam,

    I dont think so
    the games I brought with me from UAE still working fine
    but the games I bought from here not working regarding I test them on a friend's Wii here in London

    I think some code need to change
    I dont know really

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    Any ideas please!!!!!!

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    More than likely you are trying to play games from a different region than your console. Is your wii modded?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shariftamimi
    Any ideas please!!!!!!
    I had that same problem. What you need to do is send it to nintendo.

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    Yes, its a region problem. If your Wii is softmodded you can force your region using a USB loader or backuploader

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdAm_010 View Post
    Yes, its a region problem. If your Wii is softmodded you can force your region using a USB loader or backuploader
    How can I know if its softmodded!!
    I thought these machines suppose to be multi-region!!
    How can I make it multi-region!!
    Is there away to do that!!

    Many thanks for all your kind posts

    1. To cjizzle :
    Forgive my ignorence, what does it mean modded!!

    2. To iDuBz:
    Is it nessesary to send it to them!!

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    Do you have the Homebrew channel installed. If not check out softmod any Wii guide and find out your system menu in the Wii settings. No there not region free consoles unfortunately.

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    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for the kind reply
    I am not a tech wiz, I am so old for that :-)
    do you mind explain to me in simple english
    in the main menue there are several channels which one of them is homeberw and what that channel do!!

    Many thanks for your all kind help

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