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Thread: Snes9x gx cover mod install

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    Snes9x gx cover mod install

    Hi guys, just having some trouble finding a tutorial on how to install snes9x gx cover mod. I downloaded a file named snes9x-gx cover mod.7z but am unsure what to do with it. I am thinking I should put it in my sd snes9x gx folder and also create a folder named covers in the same place, is this correct ? Then download the correct cover sizes and copy them into covers, is this correct also ? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thankyou

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    I have the same issue I downloaded the snes9x gx loader n still can't figure out how to get covers what was the link u got ur download from I'll try it out on my console n than let u know if it works

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    Hi mate, I cant remember exactly where I got the link but there are plenty out there, just grab the latest version. I did get mine to work, once you unzip it you should have 2 files, the one with boot.dol should go in your apps folder and the other into the sd root containing roms, images and saves. My biggest obstacle was resizing the covers, I think using a mac made this more difficult for me. Good luck, its well worth it

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    Would u mine giving me a step by step though since u already figured it out ,

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    Sorry mate I'm a noob myself and dont want to give wrong information, have you downloaded the snes9x gx cover mod yet ?

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    I looked on google can't find it anywhere unless I feel out a survey form ,

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    It can be found on this site and a few others. Type in " Installing snes9x gx cover mod " into google.

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    Alright Thanx, I'll try it I am watching real steal , it's bad ass how they control a robot like that but I'll take a look , does the app download album art or do I add that myself for cover art

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    Yeah real steel looks cool. Some apps come with the cover art, some do not, they do not download themselves, you must add each one individually. You can download these separately by searching on google.


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