what I received tonight in my email...
Hello everyone,

Thank you for your pre-order for the x360key, we were expecting things to be moving along quite a lot faster from the teams last email to us, but there were some additional bugs, drive firmwares to add and some silly things that shouldn't have even been an issue. Unfortunately all this stuff is out of our control. We are now being sent a sample for our instructional purposes and will email when we have received the batch to ship out to our customers. The first batch we recieve will be small but if you are receiving this email the chances are you are making the first batch shipment. We will be shipping them out in the order they were purchased.

What we know about the x360key so far: they've added more support, so far all 360 games tested including the new format works (though they still want to say supports most 360 games), and 3 sample units around the world have tested it on live, its as safe as CFW, but the team thinks they can make it safer so they still suggest waiting before you take it on live.

You can check our updates on the x360key here: Canadamods - Computers & Electronics, Electronics Store - Vaughan, ON | Facebook and here Canada Mods.ca (@canadamods) on Twitter

The only other email update we will send out is when your x360key ships out to you, all other updates will be made on facebook and twitter.

Thank you all again, and at least we know the product we are getting will be gold and works just as intended.

Best Regards,
Al - Sales & Technical advisor