NeoCD-Wii is a port of the NEO-CD REDUX GameCube emulator, originally coded by Softdev. This is a Neo-Geo CD emulator.


Extract the zip on your SD card/USB drive. Create a folder and put your roms in it.
In order to enable USB2 you need ios 202.


The emulator needs a NeoGeo CD/Z bios to run. Put your NeoCD.bin file in bios folder.
Working bios files :
NeoCD.bin md5 f39572af7584cb5b3f70ae8cc848aba2 crc32 df9de490
NeoCD.bin md5 11526d58d4c524daef7d5d677dc6b004 crc32 33697892


0.4 - September 22, 2011
fixed all black screens.
MP3 music now works.
some enhancements and more options in menu.

0.3 - September 16, 2011
fixed some black screens. Now almost all games should start. Still some black sreens with some games and gfx bugs.
fixed classic controller support.

Download NeoCD-Wii v0.4