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Thread: Priiloader quick question

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    Priiloader quick question

    I have two quick questions that I wasn't able to find the answer to despite looking at many threads on Priiloader (including a "Full" guide).

    1. When you install an application in priiloader and have the wii boot with it (say, WiiFlow), does priiloader actually install the application, ie.: transfer the files from the SD card onto the Wii, so that you don't need the SD card? Or is it still loading WiiFlow off the SD card at boot?

    2. What if I have my priiloader set so that my Wii boots with WiiFlow rather than System Menu, and I accidentally boot my wii while my SD card is on my desk. What will happen? Will my Wii just crash or will it load SM instead?


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    1. You need the sd card in

    2. Not sure because I haven't done it but probably just won't load it

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