I can’t wait for We Sing UK Hits. Nothing says “good times” to me than hammering out some tunes on the old karaoke, and no mistake. And as you can see from the video below this looks very much a barrel o’ laughs with a stack of chart toppers to caterwaul your way through. Nordic Games had this to say:
Today, Nordic Games has unveiled the launch trailer for We Sing UK Hits, showcasing six decades of legendary British music. It’s the first game from the UK’s No.1 singing series which is solely dedicated to UK music and remains the only singing game which supports up to four players singing together.

We Sing UK Hits, the karaoke game for Wii boasts 40 iconic tracks from both classic and contemporary British artists combining to produce a blockbuster tracklist that includes Elton John, Coldplay, Leona Lewis, Queen, Radiohead and Adele – with 20 No.1 songs!

We Sing UK Hits Is Released On 30th September Exclusively For Nintendo Wii