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Thread: Help getting scummvm games to run from hard drive

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    Help getting scummvm games to run from hard drive

    Ive installed ScummVM to my SD card and installed the channel forward - that all works and runs fine.

    When I look for my games which I have placed on the HDD it simply wont find them. It will find the USB drive, then when I choose that it states that there are no files found.

    I dont know if it makes a difference but all the games are in their own seperate folders, containing the data files for each game?

    Anybody know what I need to do?

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    Are the games in the emulators games folder

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    Got it sorted, was being daft and clicking on "choose" - Rather than double clicking to enter the folder and then clicking "choose" on the actual game file!

    What an idiot - all working now though.

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