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Thread: Wasabi zero info

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    Wasabi zero info

    I ordered a wasabi zero....been reading since xmas on here and still don't completely understand , if i install my chip do i still need homebrew installed or is that just for softmod ? basically what i'm asking is it as simple as installing wasabi zero and playing backups ? There is so much info on here the more i read the more i confuse myself.

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    its up to you lol a LOT of chip users use it for a few reasons

    Starfall prevents bricks
    if you update out of region you can fix it
    you can block updates *old chips can do this now*
    you can install wads, IE wiiware, VC titles, and IOS's
    you can keep firmware 3.2 *3.3+ stops fake signed games, IE scrubbed, brick blocked, and regionfrii*
    some titles dont boot with a chip and they use gecko OS
    error 002 fix
    3.4 allows them to auto update you, so then you can avoid that
    and finally cheating

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    Cool... so homebrew is optional if you are chipped . What about my 3.1 firmware on my Wii , should i run the wasabi chipped wii with 3.1 FW , i see lots of talk about downgrading but not upgrading, and wouldn't you have to be connected to the net to take an update unwillingly ?
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    That would be great to know, I *JUST* installed a Wasabi Zero solder version. The LEDs are correct but the WII is running ver 3.1U

    How do I upgrade to just 3.2?

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    iso + wii update manager


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