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Thread: Help with CFG loader pleaSE

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    Help with CFG loader pleaSE


    I need help with my wii playing the legend of zelda twilight princess i used messie Full hacking guide for 4.2 system menus!!!! to softmod my wii well a long time ago i had done the twilight hack and then used her tut to redo my wii and everything works great.i have like 50 games on a usb drive and they all run fine with usb cfg loader exsept for legend of zelda twilight princess.I have downloaded new copy several times no matter what i do including trying diferent usb loaders nothing works.Is there a dif wad i need to us like black ops needs 250 in order not to black screen.I dont know i have tryed to have the video country fix enabled i have read everything here so anyone can help me the only thing is the ver. of the game i been downloading is pal and i have a us system but should not matter every other game i have is pal and is set to english and works great but i am hoping someone can help thanks...

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    Have you tried re ripping these games from the original discs?


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