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Thread: Help with USB HD please.

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    Post Help with USB HD please.

    So I just bought a USB HD. It's a Toshiba 2.5" 80Gb (it's on the compatibility list) and I'm kind of new to the whole hacking thing. A couple of months ago I hacked my Wii and got the homebrew channel. I was able to play SNES games using a simple flash drive because they didn't take that much space up. However, I copied everything from that USB flash drive into the HD and when I plug it into the Wii it does not completely detect the drive. When I click 1 or 2 the little USB button blinks on and off slowly. I don't understand what's wrong.I have been reading some of these posts and maybe I need to Softmod my Wii? What does that even mean? I converted it into FAT32 format, but it still does the same thing. Like I said, I'm new, so I don't understand. Do I need to download something onto the HD that I didn't need on the flash drive?

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    Hacking and softmodding are pretty much the same thing (unless by hacking you mean you installed some other piece of hardware). Make a post in the introduce yourself forum and a mod will come along with an official welcome and will give you a bunch of links to help you out. Also, maybe take a read of this post as it may help you understand things a little bit better.

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    Some drives work better than others on the console in the old wbfs format for backups, and some work better with fat32 for homebrew apps.

    As softmodding evolved, different CIOS helped with compatability.

    Yes you should completly softmod the console, as there is no way to know what you installed. Did you follow a guide from here to install homebrew?
    The softmod any wii guide should install some things that could help.

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