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Thread: Twilight Princess (PAL) on US Wii

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    Us Twilight Princess (PAL) on US Wii

    Been reading a lot, but couldn't quite get an answer to this one.
    Have a US Wii and have a Wiikey2 installed, everything (mostly everything) works fine. Here's my question. I'm on 3.4u and wanted to do the Twilight hack. Rented the PAL version of Zelda, but all it does, it recognizes the disc, but when I start the game the screen goes black and that's it.
    Can anyone help?

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    i had same issue. You have to use a ntsc zelda unfortunatly. Coz the only other way to use pal zelda is to have homebrew. a vicious circle.

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    Thx! So Zelda (PAL) is not compatible with the Wiikey 2?

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    correct me if i am wrong, but it just might be that the US wii might only use ntsc wii games, regardless of the wiikey.

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    it should have region free without homebrew =P


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