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Thread: Need some advice on Selling my softmod Wii

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    Ca Want to Sell Wii For a Fair Price

    Looking to sell my softmodded Wii on Ebay. Is $350 too much of an asking price? How low should I go? It include all of the following. Is anyone interest in this bundle?

    Wii Console: - 100% working soft modded system - Wii Firmware is 4.1
    Sensor Bar
    Power Cord
    AV Cable
    Guitar Hero World Tour Band Kit - which include Mic, Drums and Guitar and original game
    Wii Fit Balance Board
    iFit Workout Mat
    Green Wii Fit Covar
    Wii Fit Battery Pack

    6 Official Games:

    1. Wii Sports
    2. Wii Fit
    3. Link’s Crossbow Training
    4. We Ski & Snowboard
    5. Guitar Hero World Tour
    6. Lego Batman: The Videogame

    2 Controllers (1 original back of controller is missing but original back are not needed due to having rechargeable batteries packs)
    Intec Dual Charging Station With 2 Rechargeable Batteries
    2 Nunchucks
    1 Classic Controllers
    1 Wii Motion Plus
    Nintendo Wii Component Cable
    Intec 5-in-1 Sports Kit (Wheel, Golf Club, Bat, Tennis Racquet, and Handle)
    USB WLAN Adapter
    2 GB SD Card - Over 8000 Block Free of space for any type of download content you wish to add.
    -Also Contains 37 Games Combination of Wiiware and Vitural Console Games
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    6 original games and all them burnt games ??? You should have more originals to go with the burnt games read the forum rules and edit your post


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