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Thread: Softmodded Wii wont play Super Mario Bros Wii (retail) but will play all GC games

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    Softmodded Wii wont play Super Mario Bros Wii (retail) but will play all GC games

    I receive the 'error unable to read disk' after inserting the retail Super Mario Bros Wii. I softmodded using mauifrogs tutorial and had no issues when backing up my games until now. My super mario bros wii wont read and when i try to use CFG loader to rip it, it says the game is only 0.32 gb.... I have also tried two different Super Mario Bros wii game disks and they don't work but all my game cube games do work. Any idea what the problem could be? because the disks are flawless...

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    Softmodding does not affect the wii at all when playing retail discs. Does it read any other wii game discs? SMBW is only .32 gb when ripped. Do those 3 copies of the game work on other wiis?

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    I dont have any other wii's that I can try the disks on but i did try to rip it to a HDD and it got to 97% and then a bunch of errors started popping up saying 'WARNING: read ( 1171234816) error (-2)' and that came up a lot but the number in the first set of parenthesis are different in each. All the other wii games I have are locked in my room mates room and I wont be able to get them till wednesday


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