PlayStation 3 developer Andreas Oman has officially updated Showtime PS3 Media Player to version 3.2 which includes Multichannel A/V playback bugfixes. 3.2 is finally done. The changes from 3.1.228 is mostly bug fixes for multi-channel audio and video playback.

For a grand total of what was made in 3.2. See here:

Bug #259: Overscan compensation should only affect user interface
Bug #435: [Linux] segfault when adding bookmark
Bug #468: Youtube HD Video Playback don't work h.264 Level 4.0
Bug #480: m2ts video blocking
Bug #580: Seeking not working and MKV problem in version 2.99.517
Bug #588: Playqueue does not trig pagination from source model
Bug #589: Keyboard typing problem
Bug #594: MKV PROBLEM in newer Versions Found!
Bug #598: Controls disappear after seeking scene
Bug #599: Overlay white writing in reproduce time: "Media loaded"
Bug #601: Playing MP4 files contained H.264+MP3 content will be freezed.
Bug #614: MKV 1080p (H264+AC3) TOO slow (~4 FPS)
Bug #627: Showtime closes when playing MKV.
Bug #630: Button layout invisible after using the 1 minute browse trough movie function thing.
Bug #631: Subtitles created with AVIADDXSUBS do not show up.
Bug #636: No streaming of MKV files possible
Bug #646: Issue with MKV format 1 ?
Bug #651: Sound Delay
Bug #656: showtime.JSONDecode reports invalid JSON while other tools
Bug #677: Playback does not fill screen on PS3
Bug #681: Video playback broken
Bug #692: AAC Codec playing a static sound in MP4 video
Bug #694: SRT Subtitles display position.
Bug #703: Ps3 DTS /TO/ Force Stereo no sound on the AV Receiver.
Feature #420: Digital audio output on PS3
Feature #482: 5.1 DTS and Surround Direct Output to the Optical.
Feature #581: Displaying messages on the screen using the HTTP interface
Feature #595: HDD Buffer for better 1080p WiFi Streaming
Feature #606: Subtitles color
Feature #629: ZOOM FUNCTION not saved.
Feature #632: Slideshow for Photos
Feature #634: Sane and Clean exit from Showtime
Feature #655: Ability to change HTTP header for appendItem
Feature #700: WebM VP8 Cpu is too slow
If any more severe issues will arise in 3.2 I will make a 3.2.X release because the 3.3 will start off with quite a bumpy ride me thinks. Let's see what happens."

I don't know if the official build still don't install on fw 3.41/waninkoko, this one does:
Download Showtime PS3 v3.2 [PKG]
Download Showtime PS3 v3.2 [Self]
Source- ps3news