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Thread: a LOT of updates

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    a LOT of updates

    as for updates outside of that
    few new forums, "recommended faqs" "other faqs" and "homebrew/hack issues"

    these are to cut down on spam, and useless same questions, the difference between the 2 faq's are simply that, recommended are guides that have a track record of helping people, and would be the first place most people would be sent, the other section has a lot of info and is still very good, to get in the Rec section is just make a great guide, and wait for a move or send it to a mod

    as i said Social pages were added, for a bit more fun as this site is more than just support.

    another quick thing anyone misusing the new forums, will be infracted and informed, and ongoing will result in Reading room to a ban... but remember, have fun, and use the search button!

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