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Thread: Problematic games oh me, oh my *if you got problems look here*

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    Problematic games oh me, oh my *if you got problems look here*

    here is a list of VERY common games with problems with them, they have 1 reason or another for it but they are reguardless

    table of contents
    • error 001
    • error 002
    • brawl
    • other

    error 001
    simply from galaxy, and beyond, some games give error 001, which mean your modchip needs to be updated, if you cant/dont/or anything along those lines, then you must boot in gamma or get a new chip to play them

    error 002
    • animal crossing needs IOS 38
    • brawl, kart, and galaxy, need a update, just update from 1 of them in your region
    • need for speed, needs IOS 53
    • need for speed, bleach versus crusade, and hitman reborn, need IOS 55
    • nintendo classic collection *the GC port games* need to be booted in the gamma error 002 fix, or bailli's Generic Wii Patcher 1.2

    brawl is 1 of 2 DL games, meaning you must use a dual layer disc *unless its dvd -5 (dont ask or use it)* on this one, it also requires layer break (2084960), and the mario game update

    • rayman raving rabbits
    • shawn white
    • wii music
    • wii fit
    • rock band 2
    • guitar hero 4
    • Brunswick Pro Bowling
    • cooking mama 2

    all those games, dont really have a known reason for not working, just try installing Cios 37, it fixed some, along with booting in gecko with a force settings *different for everyone* so try that, when more info is known about them ill revise

    if you have a game not on this list, make sure it works with the backup loader using the working list

    for all things mentioned here
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    do you know why tales of symphonia 2 just give me a black screen when I press the start button on disc channel? I have; Wiikey 2 v1.2 Starfall HBC 1.0.1 Firmwire 3.2 E and the game is NTSC i have Pal
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    If you use the MK update to get galaxy, brawl or MK to work, will you still be on 3.2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sune_C View Post
    If you use the MK update to get galaxy, brawl or MK to work, will you still be on 3.2?
    no. you wil get the latest. use starfall to block it

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    Thank you. I play quite a bit of MK and galaxy, and at the moment i'm on 3.4, but im downgrading this weekend in order to play some of the custom GH3's and perhaps brawl. So just wanted to check so i don't mess up being able to play some of my favourite games

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    I had a question, I was trying to download a Guitar Hero game, but all the ones I found said scrubbed. I have heard mixed things about scrubbed games, can someone clarify what exactly it will do to my system if i download and burn it. Will it wear down my Wii Laser or anything of that sort. I have d2Pro with the latest firmware 2.3/1.7. I rather not download it if its going to cause problems. WIll playing a scrubbed game mean Nintendo might catch me or something. I also have 3.2U on the Wii and have all updates blocked

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    wrong place to post this, but it just removed uneeded info, so its easier to compact

    no difference

    @ Rigus
    youre wrong, it will be 3.2 still since those games have 3.1 on them + that update, so only he IOS will be installed

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    mod my wii using EmperorOfCanada guide. got a backup from espalwii of mario galaxy. able to load the game. no error whatsoever. but, we notice that it doesn't seem to respond to the nunchuck's left direction. the nunchuck seems to be working fine as far as we know...could this be a backup problem?


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    i would reburn it

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    I used the Empreror of Canada's guide, downgraded to 3.2 with Starfall, installed the optional CIOS for Animal Crossing, the loader channel, and so far have had no problems with:

    rayman raving rabbits
    shawn white
    wii music

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