FlowMii is a pc software written by spayrosam. It's a coverviewer with a CoverFlow style.

Where to put your files

create program shortcuts and move it to => Apps dir

games/roms/ movies... => Games dir

Covers(1024*680) => Full dir

Open settings and turn on the file format then redraw (if it is turned off)


- To add more file format open FlowMii.ini and add your new file format
FileFormat=iso|Avi|DivX|Xvid|mp3|wav|rar|zip|txt|d oc|au3|wmv|smc
(max file format = 43)

You can start wii ISO'S/WW/VC with Dolphin if you do everything as described

* FlowMii is fully Skinnable (Edit Default theme: .png and .ini files)
* You need a cover for your file. (create it with AJWii)
* Min DirectX9.0c / 2GB Ram


Download FlowMii Beta 3
Source- gbatemp