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Thread: Brick: Only Rescue Menu is starting...

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    Brick: Only Rescue Menu is starting...


    I have buy a wii on ebay.
    It is a bootmii as boot2 Wii.
    Now, i maked a nand backup and look at them with nand builder.
    I see a serial number in the setting.txt, who never can be right.
    Because, the serial number in setting.txt can never be a bootmii as boot2 wii.
    i think, the serial number on the wii is also not right, because i have make a new nand with the nand builder an the serial number on wii housing ... but no works...
    Bluetooth Modul and wlan modul are ok.
    Any guy has changed the serial number in the setting.txt on nand

    This crazy wii only starts the rescue menu with 4.1e..

    - i have a wii with starting BootMii as Boot2
    - i have no right nand backup
    - i dont know the serial number
    - i dont know .... is this an pal wii or another region

    What can i do?
    Thank you

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    You made a nand backup from that wii and now you are saying it isnt for that wii? Sorry your post is a little mixed up. How have you become bricked?

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    there was a lamer on work ...
    i have make a nand backup from this wii, bootmii was installed on wii.
    i have buy this wii on ebay.

    On the wii the serial number likes.... LEH115 <- boot2 kompatible
    On the setting.txt on wii nand the serial numer likes ... LEF100 <- normally not boot2 kompatible
    so i think, somebody has installed a nand backup from another wii or have changed the serialnumber.

    i dont have the really right serial number from this wii motherboard....

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    You need to use a better translation software.... because you are not making sense....

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    Okay, once more.

    So, I have bought a BootMii as Boot2 Wii.
    BootMii started and I thought, provided simply make a NAND backup, with the NAND Builder anew formed NAND Backup and again recovery by BootMii.

    When I have looked at the backup NAND, I have found out that in the NAND of the Wii a serial number is stored which can belong not really to a BootMii as Boot2 capable Wii.

    Hence, I think:
    Either the standard number was changed, or another backup NAND of another Wii was played in.

    The result is:
    Only more the Rescue menu with the announcement 4.1e begins the Wii

    My question, how get i the original serial number affects?
    How do I reach to the right original serial number or how I bring these Wii again to starting?

    Many thanks

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    try this for your system firmware use a gamecube controller you want to take it a part and use the rubber 4button d pad and and plug it in to the 4 slot then hold down all four buttons and turn on the wii you should see your firmware number in the lower right hand side then your going to need a auto boot disc like universal-unbrick-disc-v3 with also buying a mod chip for the dvd drive. Autoboot defaulted DK2.0 | this chip should be good on all wii i checked last night and even d4 with is the newer wii can read dvds

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    New knowledge:
    In the backup NAND from this Wii stands Boot2v4
    Dop-Mii says Boot2v3 is on this Wii installed.
    If I update Boot2, still starts BootMii or is BootMii erase?

    I can start the Homebrew Channel with BootMii.
    Normaly, the Wii must be in german language, but the Homebrew Channel ist in english language.
    Are there perhaps a conflict with the region?

    Thank you!

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    If the rescue menu is stating 4.1e then that is what your sm is......

    Look at this guide --->

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    Thank you ... but i can only use a gamecube Controller and the 1.5 mod link is dead. Invalid or Deleted File.
    Is this not the same as ... I start the homebrew channel, then the wad Manager and install these two files - i do this so...

    The Homebrew Channel i have installed with bootmii - bootmini.elf.
    On BootMii as Boot2 i start the homebrew channel.

    I open my windw and trough out this fu****ing wii ....

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    Do chapter 2 from my softmod guide, see if that fixes your issue. If not load a game from the HBC and see if the games load. If the game does not load it is probably a bad bt module, or not seated fully. Try to reseat the bt module or replace. Hopefully chapter 2 will fix it for you.
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