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Thread: can you install bootmii and HBC on a fully bricked wii (no tv signal)?

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    can you install bootmii and HBC on a fully bricked wii (no tv signal)?


    so, I recently bricked my wii, without trying to hack it. I hadn't played for like a year and when i started it up again and downloaded an update. My wii refused to work. Now i only get the no tv signal screen. My wii also only flashes once when i turn it on, so i don't have bootmii installed.

    I understand most of the tutorials about how to unbrick it, using various techniques such as twilight hack, savemiifrii and bootmii. But those all require having installed the bootmii as boot2 or ios if I understand correctly.

    I already downloaded everything and put it on an sd card. But I forgot one thing...


    Please help, My wii is too old to get warranty...


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    It is possible to flash bootmii to the NAND, but it would require the wii to be old enough. Take a look here:
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    1. can you power on with your wiimote?

    2. Have you ever modded this wii before?

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    Bliepo, thank you for your answer. But that guide goes well beyond my knowledge and skills.

    To answer your questions, junkmail: 1. I can turn on the wii with my wiimote, but the second it switches on, I cannot turn it off anymore with the wiimote.

    2. I have not modded this wii, All i ever did on it was play games and browse a few websites.

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    Without being able to see what you're doing loading bootmii is out I would imagine. Did you lose power during the update before it died? What system menu version were you on to begin with if you can remember?

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    Yes, I think it was during the system update that my wii somehow lost connection with it's power source, the update didn't finish.

    Can't quite remember what version I had. I can tell you this though: I bought the wii in 2006-2007 and set it to update automatically (with the orange lights if I remember correctly). I'd say about 6 months ago we switched to digital tv and a different internet package, so I'm pretty sure the wii stopped getting acces to the internet around that time. I do not know if it kept updating automatically during the time I did not play on it (from 1,5 - 2 years ago until the change to digital tv...)

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    Use SaveMiiFrii and tell us the version on your wii.
    Also, if the version is lower than 4.3, try getting an original game, hopefully newly released and insert it to try to update.


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