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Thread: Does any Wiikey 2 firmware have a working GC streaming audio fix?

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    Question Does any Wiikey 2 firmware have a working GC streaming audio fix?

    Hey Everyone,

    A couple of months ago I installed a Wiikey 2 inside my D2C2 Wii. Wii backups work, but Gamecube backups which use audio streaming do not. The Wiikey 2 has been updated to the latest v1.3 'Odyssey' firmware.

    The Wiikey 2 is advertised as having a working GC audio fix, and there is an option to enable it in the firmware menu, but the audio fix doesn't actually work. Audio streaming games either crash when booting or crash when gameplay starts. From what I understand, there is at least one version the original Wiikey (1) firmware which does have a working GC audio fix (Firmware 1.9b). This suggests that the Wiikey team is capable of properly implementing GC streaming audio support.

    Gamecube games which do not work with Wiikey 2 include:

    - 1080 Avalanche
    - Eternal Darkness
    - Geist
    - Ikaruga
    - Legend of Zelda: Collectors Disk
    - Pikmin 2
    - Star Fox Adventures
    - Wave Race: Bluestorm

    Is there any version of the Wiikey 2 firmware which can play backup GC games with streaming audio, or is the Wiikey 2 audio fix simply not functioning as claimed? If not, then Wiikey has misrepresented their product's capabilities. Wiikey was recently contacted and seemed unaware that the Wiikey 2 GC audio fix did not work.

    If there is a Wiikey 2 firmware with a properly working GC audio fix then downgrading to that firmware would be worthwhile for me as presently the modchip is really only useful for playing Gamecube backups. Wii games work fine using a USB loader, bypassing the need for the Wiikey.

    Thanks to anyone who can help!

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    maybe this valid question should be taken up with WiiKey support...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian View Post
    maybe this valid question should be taken up with WiiKey support...
    Wiikey support was contacted and claimed to have no knowledge that the Gamecube audio fix did not work as advertised; this is questionable, as there are many similar user reports on the web. Wiikey also said that they have no intention of fixing this problem with a new firmware version.

    Spyman and emu_kidid have both reported that the Gamecube audio fix did work on some Wii drives with some version of the Wiikey 2 firmware. However, the audio fix certainly does not work on a D2C2 with firmware 1.3.

    I've since replaced the Wiikey 2 with a Wiizard, which has a properly implemented Gamecube audio fix. Now all of the problem games above work perfectly. Problem solved....

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    Or so I thought....

    The Wiizard does allow audio streaming games to play, but it isn't without quirks. If the streamed audio is something like a song, audio will play normally. However, if the audio is a small piece of dialogue (like when Eternal Darkness boots or when you talk to the characters in Star Fox Adventures), then the audio repeats over and over again unless you hit start or stop it some other way. So.... the Wiizard's Gamecube audio fix is still not completely fixed. My next attempt will be to try to find an older drive like a D2A or D2B and see if it will work properly with either modchip.

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    Quick update:

    Recently, I installed the Wiikey 2 on a D2B drive and can confirm that, while it did not work with D2C2, the GC audio fix does work with D2B. Sadly, Wiikey 2 has the same problem as the Wiizard - it endlessly repeats certain segments of streamed audio - like the intro poem for Eternal Darkness. Plan to try some earlier modchips to see if any of them have a properly working audio fix.

    Does anyone know if ANY of the Wii modchips work correctly with GC streaming audio (i.e. no endlessly repeated dialog)?

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    Good news!

    After spending months messing around with commercial chips, I finally found a "free" open source modchip which flawlessly supports Gamecube audio streaming. Actually, it's a PIC chip with YAOSM (Yet Another Open Source Modchip) version 3.2. Games like Eternal Darkness and Star Fox Adventures work perfectly. Overall, YAOSM has been excellent.

    Background research suggests that the YAOSM Gamecube audio fix code was borrowed from Wiinja. What seems odd is that the Wiinja team also made the Wiizard, which has a botched audio fix. Not sure why they would have messed up the audio fix with Wiizard if they had it working properly with the Wiinja? I've also heard that the original Wiikey has a working audio fix, but have been unable to confirm that claim.

    Bottom line... I'd highly recommend YAOSM 3.2 for anyone who needs Gamecube audio streaming support.

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    Another update.... in addition to YAOSM 3.2, I can now confirm that the original Wiikey has a working Gamecube audio fix with the latest 1.99 beta firmware. Wiikey 2 is messed up. Wiikey v1 works perfectly!

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    So many hardware test but you've done it :P


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