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Thread: help need to unbrick

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    help need to unbrick

    ok my kids have 2 wii's one is moded with a dc2key i think its been years.. also it has a softmod for usbloader
    the other wii just had a softmod and my son never plays it so has asked me to sell it to buy a dsi 3d.
    i didnt want to sell it with the softmod incase the buyer bricks it and then complains so i tried to remove the softmod using a tutorial i downgraded from 4.2e to 4.1e removed the wads ect title deleter removed hackmii
    everything went well then i did a system update after it asked me if i wanted connect24 i hit yes and then the wii just hanged after i rebooted it looked bricked green light ejects ect but no video sound

    ok so i read its a choice of nand programer or drive modchip with gamecube contoller for recovery
    my other wii is fitted with a dc2key i think so ive swapped the drives around so that the modchip drive is now in the bricked console im going to pickup a gamecube contoller tomorrow so can anyone point me to a iso i should use and whats the chance of this working?????

    any help would be great :-)

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    sorry can a mod move it to the right section plz
    im just confused what disk i need to download if i can get into recovery ive seen people talk about a few

    Wii BackUp Disk
    anyregion changer
    universal unbrick disc v1 to v4


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