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Thread: Creating App Channels

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    Creating App Channels

    I understand that I need to install "wads" using a "wad manager" to create a channel. However, I see video after video on youtube with apps on their main menu as channels. How do I create channels from apps so that I don't need to have my SD card full of apps plugged in at all times? Thanks

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    even though you have channels for the apps you still need the apps on the sd/usb

    what channels are you looking for ??
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    Let me start by saying that I highly recommend against using youtube videos as basis for understanding anything wii related. Having said that, what they likely have are forwarder channels. These are analogous to a windows shortcut - they simply launch content either on your SD or on your FAT32 hard drive. So if you don't use a hard drive with yoru wii, you'll likely need to spend the $5 to get an extra SD card that you can dedicate to the wii.

    Cile has put together a thread with many common forwarders

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