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Thread: Neogamma R9 Problem!

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    Neogamma R9 Problem!

    I followed the WiiHacks guide to make my 4.1U Wii play GameCube backups, and it usually works.Today I burned Animal Crossing: Population Growing! and loaded it with Neogamma.The game loaded, but all I see is a purple Animal Crossing cloud saying "The Game Disc could not be read. Please check the NINTENDO GAMECUBE Instruction Booklet for more information."I've tried everything, but I can't seem to get it to work, and I couldn't really find anyone on the internet with the same problem.Any ideas? Thanks.

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    Maybe you have a PAL version??

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    Nope. Both the game and system are NTSC. Besides, if it was a region issue, the game wouldn't load at all.

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    i have the same problem.. first with super smash bros melee and now with zelda wind waker.. i tried burning the games again but nothing happened... heeeeeelp please


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