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Thread: 3.0U firmeware - which guide to use?

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    3.0U firmeware - which guide to use?

    Bought a used WII which had a stuck mini dvd/cd inside it that would not eject for $20.00. After removing it & testing with a regular sized WII dvd, everything seem to work fine.

    I checked the firmware and it was version 3.0u. I diid a search for 3.0u to see which guide I could use to softmod this WII, but everything makes references to 4.x. I have used the Maui frog tutorial on 4.x wii's in the past. But was not sure if should use it on a 3.0U firmware.

    Any ideas?

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    Yep use maui's guide. He has instructions there for 3.0 using bannerbomb v1.


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