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Thread: ...NeoGamma r9 50 WBSF loading from SD problems, Need help...

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    ...NeoGamma r9 50 WBSF loading from SD problems, Need help...

    Hey guys, I'm very new to WiiHacks and hope that you guy's can help me...

    I've been using Google and researching threads but I just can't figure out how to put WBSF files on my SD card and load them through NeaoGamma R9 50...

    When I choose Load from <SD/USB> THen hit A to mount WBSF I only get loading failures, Can anybody help me through this...Please?

    I can't figure out if I need to put my game in a WBSF partition on my SD card and how I can even do that...

    Please help, I'm very new to Hacking the Wii and do not yet fully understand....

    I am not new to hacking, I was an Avid PSP hacker and even wrote an E-Book reading application for PSP and have gotten this far without trouble but now I'm begging for help...
    Game's aren't cheap and I'm so close to getting to play backups...

    ...Peace, NC420...

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    NeoGamma doesn't recognize image files that are in WBFS format (example: game.wbfs) -- it supports USB HDs formatted in WBFS, but lacks an ability to get your disc into the system. USB Loader GX will "install" your game as an ISO. You could also use a manager and convert a .wbfs into an .iso --- but piracy here isn't supported, and we'd simply tell you to use your original disc to do that.


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