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Thread: Problem Running Syscheck

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    Problem Running Syscheck

    Hi Wiihacks

    My brother gave me his soft modded wii. The problem he was having was it wouldn't go onto the internet anymore and he couldn't access settings.
    He said he was able to at one time and isn't sure what caused it to stop going online and why he can no longer access settings. He has told me it is a newer wii with less memory then the old wii. Beyond that he hasnt used it for about a year+ and simple dosn't remember what he was doing with it. He is pretty good with this kind of stuff, He gave it too me and warned me not to mess around too much so I don't brick it.

    The wii runs fine, I have a usb hard drive and can access it fine to play games. Freeze ups are rare and usually dont repeat.

    1) I want to play online
    2) I have allot of games on hard drive and want usb loader gx to go online to get cover art. Most of the games on the hard drive do not have cover art and its getting annoying trying to find the right game.

    Before I start messing with it I want to know what im dealing with and where my wii is in the world of updates.

    Current Issue: (edited) (At first I couldnt get syscheck to work, sorry for now misleading thread title)
    I download and ran syscheck, Id like some opinions on the results and advice as too what I should do.
    1) Unmod wii and start over
    2) Re mod wii
    3) Nothing (I dont like this option because the goal is too soft mod wii and still have it fully functional)

    I was going to try to "unmod" the wii but I dont think thats a good idea.

    Edit: I have found a version of syscheck thats working.

    This is my syscheck:


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    You can close or delete the thread.

    I have gotten my wii to connect to internet and can access settings fine now.

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