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Thread: 3.3 Wii Homebrew and Mod; What mod is a MUST HAVE for you?

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    3.3 Wii Homebrew and Mod; What mod is a MUST HAVE for you?

    No problems, but I'd love to hear your opinions. Wii is a 3.3 that's never been played. Going to mod to add homebrew and miplayer and play from usb backup hdd. I've modded 6 Wii's but they've all been on 4.X What mod's do you think are a must-have....and should any updates be added. From my reading... and thank you so much, it's time that I donate and I will be doing that this week..... I think I can keep it at 3.3 and add any IOS's needed to play newer games without updating.
    My wish list:
    USB Loader
    Homebrew (duh)

    Thanks for sharing!

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    The Softmod ANY Wii guide gives you everything that you need except for mplayer. You cant go wrong with that guide!

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    Mplayer? OP: that's a rather ancient artifact you found while doing an excavation. Learn what WiiMC is, a much superior and more modern implementation.

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