Today has been updated the Solar PS3 Homebrew 3D Screensaver to Solar 2.0 multiMAN PS3 Edition and Stand-Alone. Some goodies like FTP, added more visual effects and MP3 playback are now included

Well guys, by popular demand here's Solar v2.0. This is a multiMAN edition and stand-alone. The app would need to be spawned by multiMAN, so it's up to Dean.

But the stand-alone will spawn multiMAN. FTP works really well, and it's very fast, but sadly only one session... lol, so use it wisely. I will fix in the future. Will add more stuff in future releases, but 1st I have to fix my setup... lol which caused my delay.

Hope you guys enjoy it, CAW!

Particles effects
Light effects
Added Text
Major memory fixes
Some resolutions and cosmetic changes
Fixed Sound loop bug


SELECT pauses the music
START resumes it. lol
X starts the FTP
And all the other buttons will launch multiMAN.

Download Solar 2.0
Source- here