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Thread: USB Loader keeps freezing on me - Xenoblade

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    USB Loader keeps freezing on me - Xenoblade

    Hey guys, trying to play Xenoblade from my external HDD. The game works fine, allowing me to save and play for a while. Every 15 or 20 mins though it freezes on me. I have to hold down the power button on my system just to get it to shut off.
    My hdd is formatted to WBSF. I'm a pretty big noob and I'm just sort of floundering through this. Can I change any of the settings in USB loader? Would that change anything.


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    You will have to turn the sleep mode off on the hard drive download the app from the manufacturer's website ,don't know if you should have done this before you formatted to WBFS

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    It's the 80GB hd I removed when I upgraded my PS3. I bought a shell for it to use it as an external hd. I'm sure I'll have to be cleared to download that app (if II even can turn off the sleep mode). I've been debating just buying a 16GB usb stick and using that though. Would that work with the game iso in USB loader? Would that also have a sleep mode that I would have to disable?


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    i don't think so but it wouldn't be too hard to fix


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