Clearly, not every PC game can directly match it's console brethren. There are some controls and things that a PC game just can't match, and customers tend to be very understanding about that. But when you decide to not even bother brining over the advertised features to the PC version, and instead make it a crappy copy of a free-to-play game, PC gamers are going to get a little peeved. That is exactly what has happened to EA games and with their latest PC golf title, Tiger Woods 2012 - or, should we say, "diet Tiger Woods Online."
Rather than including advertised features such as caddy mode, a full slate of tournament courses, online play, and customizable clothes for your golfer, EA released a product with dated graphics and clunky animations. Users of the game have claimed that it "plays and feels exaclty like Tiger Woods Online," an online golf game released a couple years ago (which EA also gives you a free trial to with your purchase of Tiger Woods 2012 rather than provide actual online play). As for customizable appearances, they do exist, you just have to pay for them through microtransactions.
There is at least some good news for those who bought the game, though: EA has begun offerin refunds. After outcry across Reddit and EA's own forums, they have begun offering money back to those who were disappointed in their purchase. If you'd like your money back, contact EA via livechat and talk to a representative.