he PlayStation 3 had six months to a year of slowly trying to gather momentum. Those who bought the Nintendo 3DS are currently going through that same slow grind of having little to play and always watching the horizon for new prospects. The PlayStation Vita, it seems, will have no such worries.
Announced titles for Sony’s latest handheld hope are positively stacking up now. Here are several more that we’ve got wind of, although we’re not sure how we’re going to cope with the expense of them all.
Well, it seems like Lumines is coming, according to a thread on GAF and a few very convincing screenshots like the one below. Ubisoft have apparently claimed to make use of some of Vita’s social wizardry but we’re not sure how until they deign to tell us more about the game. We’d like it for a launch game though, just like the original launched the PSP in 2004.