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Thread: Will PS Vita outperform PS3 and Xbox 360 graphically?

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    Will PS Vita outperform PS3 and Xbox 360 graphically?

    We all know that despite being an handheld, Sony’s PlayStation Vita is a graphical powerhouse but can it outperforming current generation home consoles, Xbox 360 and PS3?
    First we need to look at Vita’s output resolution which is just 960×544 to a 5″ OLED Screen, more than enough to deliver high-definition experiences with it’s portability. So that alone could match what the current consoles would offer.
    Then, we are looking at the textures, with better amount of (512MB) RAM and 128MB VRAM in the handheld we could turn that around slightly more than PS3 and Xbox 360.
    If video game developers can squeeze, maximize the tech specs in it, they could end up competing what the bigger consoles had been delivering all this time.
    All in all, it should be noted that we are comparing an handheld with a much bigger home consoles. So, whatever we put here probably wouldn’t matter much, but who doesn’t want an experience like that in a smaller devices?
    PlayStation Vita comes in two variants, the WiFi model priced at $249 while WiFi + 3G is at $299. The handheld is expected to hit the shelves next year in western markets.

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