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Thread: ROM legitimacy concerns

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    ROM legitimacy concerns


    I've searched the forum for rom legality. I'm all for avoiding piracy, and in my attempt to avoid it, I have some areas where I'm uncertain and would like clarity. For example, I do not strictly have a Sega Genesis copy of the game Ristar. However, I do have a copy of the game via Sonic Mega Collection for the Nintendo Gamecube. Would it be legitimate to play this game through Sega Genesis emulation? Also I recently purchased an actual physical copy of Super Mario Bros./Duckhunt, but I do not have the Nintendo console itself. Would running this game through the emulator be legitimate?

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    Unless you have a cartridge dumper, your roms were pirated. I believe it is pretty much that black and white. However, I could be wrong... and I'm not judging, especially over crappy games older then my oldest child
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    Actually your post is a gray area. We won't support it here since we're not lawyers, but if you own a copy of the game you're trying to play then you can find just about everything you need via google. You won't find any legal absolution here, but if you're trying to do things the right way (which it sounds like you are) then godspeed and best of luck!

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    Thanks for the responses.

    I personally don't see why it should make a difference how I would get a back up as long as I legitimately bought the game. I know you don't make the laws Faria1st, you're just responding to my post which I appreciate. Is the law really that strict?

    By "you can find just about anything you need via google," junkmail, what do you mean by that? Do you mean looking the law (USA) up? Also, by legal absolution, do you mean an absolute answer or reassurance that I can go ahead and emulate?

    Thanks once again!

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    Yeah. Google it. I'm sure u can find the piracy laws and its how your lawyer interprets them. No one here has a law degree that I know of. Use the link in my sig.

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    I simply suggested you check out how emulators and roms work. The issue of you owning the version of the game via later version download verses original version physical game is beyond me. The info you need is here and online (legal info aside) and I hope you get it worked out!


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