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Thread: Odd Homebrew Problem.

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    Odd Homebrew Problem.

    Ok, so, since installing homebrew in march, i think it was...
    i started getting weird wiimote problems, with playing stuff like Donkey Kong Country Returns, NSMBWii, Sonic Colors, whenever running, characters would continue running or would not jump

    I'm was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and do they know how to fix it.
    I'd appreciate whoever replies and knows what to do :3

    ~Aaron Roberts~

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    This is a workaround, though not permanent it sure helps..... Unplug and replug the nun-chuck.
    Oh and check if there's something wrong with the nun-chuck (broken) as I can play donkey kong without problems but it did seem to appear at first I just played with a different one.

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    No, i dont think its because of the nunchucks / wiimotes, it happens with both of them, and has been for 5 months (since march)

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    Do a clean SYNC with fresh batteries in the wiimote!

    Here is how to do it!

    | Nintendo - Customer Service | Wii - Set Up of the Wii Remote


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